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When should I get my windows cleaned?

If you are one that likes to really keep your house looking sharp generally 3-4 times a year should do the trick. Having a consistent service plays more of a factor in having clean windows than time of year due to the unpredictable weather of our seasons. That being said we have commercial customers that need there windows cleaned biweekly to maintain cleanliness, while some of our other residential clients range from every two months to yearly based on the importance of there view, the exposure to the elements and there budget.

What if it's raining?

Rain is a consistent element of our weather here in Seattle. Although heavy horizontal rain will leave some water spots on the glass . Generally the eves of the house protect the glass substantially. We are geared and prepared to work in the elements leaving a huge improvement in the before and after look of the glass.

Will you take any special precautions on the inside of my house?

We really strive to leave no trace of our presence in your home other than clean windows and a happy customer. We accomplish this for example by wearing such things as shoe covers, putting down drop cloths and making sure we send people into your home that are skilled and care about your stuff. If an accident was to happen we are willing to take responsibility and work towards a solution that you are satisfied with.

Do you clean downspouts?

We do. Usually the way in which we clean the gutters will takes care of this. If you have a particularly troublesome downspout we generally have the right equipment to get things flowing smoothly again. Upper downspouts (above ground downspouts) can be cleared out for a very nominal fee if they did not respond to basic cleaning. For below ground drainage systems we have some equipment that will, for the majority work for that as well. This service is a bit more but will save you hundreds in comparison with a Rotor Rooter type company.

Will you guys leave the debris from my gutters on the ground?

This is an area we know is important to our customers and therefore spend considerable time cleaning up after ourselves. Our small company for the majority is based on referrals and we know things like this will separate us from the competition and keep the happy customers we seek.

How do you clean roofs?

Well, our basic gutter cleaning service usually includes getting the major roof debris off your roof only limited to the roofs accessibility. This service goes a long way in maintaining thus insuring a roof’s lifespan . We also will provide moss killer which will kill the moss in a week or two and inhibit its growth and destructive nature. During this moss treatment service we can also include removing the majority of the moss by hand or simply leave the moss to break down over time.


We generally try to avoid pressure washing roofs but sometimes its the only option for the immediate results needed. We provide this service on a limited scale, based on roof type, age and desired outcome.

How can I get on a routine worry free maintenance program?

That would be super simple. Just let us know at time of scheduling or billing and we will be sure to impute you into our outlook calendar for the routine scheduled maintenance of your windows, gutters, and pressure washing needs. This is a great idea to ensure peace of mind and availability even in the busiest weeks of the year.

More Questions?

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